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Vacuabond provides high-quality vacuum products and services at a high level of expertise

Vacuabond is specializes in designing custom UHV systems for R&D applications, Semiconductor, Media, FPD, Solar Panel, and Coating industries.

Vacuabond provides CANON ANELVA Crystal Vacuum Gauges, He Leak Detectors (HLD), Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA), Cryo Pumps, Helium Cooling as the US Distributor; custom-designed UHV systems: High Pressure RHEED, Diode Laser Substrate Heating, Combinatorial Deposition and Laser MBE / PLD systems.

Our experienced staff will offer and optimize various kinds of vacuum systems and components on customer’s demands. Integrated systems will engage the highest quality and most effective R&D result and productivity to our customers.

Canon Anelva Technix Corporation
   CANON ANELVA TECHNIX, a leader in the field of Vacuum Instruments, has developed components placing emphasis on Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Gauges, HLD and RGA that achieve the highest performance for the market and industry demands. Please visit www.anelvatx.jp/english

SystemWorks Co., Ltd.
   SYSTEMWORKS has developed Window-based PLC control software "GL-LADDER" for Sequencer-based systems,e.g. CANON ANELVA ILC series that will be converted to latest GUI operational systems. Productivity & Controllability will be improved with integrated Digital process viewer, Real-time condition monitor, and the eSupport systems.

Pascal Co., Ltd.
   PASCAL Combinatorial Laser MBE (PLD) systems are rewarded with excellent results, and have high reputation. They are now available in the US market. System can be built with various optional components for your specific process demands.

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